Mobile Misting Fan (MFS-26E)
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Mobile Misting Fan (MFS-26E)

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Product description
  1. Centrifugal misting system means there is no clogged nozzles and no need to use filtered water。
  2. Adjustable misting volume,low nosie
  3. Air supplying, misting and oscillating functions are driven by different motors, convenient to use and easy to maintain。
  4. Fan surface is epoxy resin coated, anti-rust and durable。
  5. The motor with the advantage of low temperature-rise, and it has a resettable thermal protector.  
  6. Water pump adopts protective device to protect it from burning when running out of water.
  7. 90°oscillation angle, three speeds.
  8. Waterproof electric design,safe to use。
  9. Designed for cooling large areas such as patios, factories, manufacturing facilities, farms, garages,athletic fields, greenhouses and more.
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